Our Founder Mustafa Öncel (1929-2013)


Mustafa Öncel “To be happy, love where you live, work and accommodate.”

Our founder, the late Mustafa Öncel, was born in Doğanbey, Konya in 1929. Öncel graduated from the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine - Department of Pharmacy in 1953, and began his career at Çankırı State Hospital as a pharmacist.

Pharmacist Mustafa Öncel chose self-employment in 1956, and opened his first pharmacy in Yalvaç / Isparta. He went on to open the Işık Pharmacy in Konya, founded Büyük Eczane later, and continued to work independently for years. The investments of Pharmacist Mustafa Öncel as of 1973 established the basis of Selçuklu Holding.

Messages to Colleagues and Business World from late Mustafa Öncel's own words:

“I have worked with all my strength since 1953 in order to serve my country and create employment opportunities. As I believe that success should be measured against the benefits that it brings to society, along with personal achievements, I have always committed myself to convert my income into investments. I am extremely happy that I can see many of my wishes and aims in this direction become real, one after another.

I have enjoyed walking among the machines in the factories that I built and listening to the sounds they made, as well as seeing my family grow and watching my teammates coming to their workplaces in the mornings and evenings. I have seen new employees get married, have children and bring their grandchildren to the factory to show around. It was then that I understood that one of the most meaningful things a person could do is to create jobs.

We have heard the phrase ‘father is gone to earn money for bread’ from childhood so much that bread has become highly valuable to us. We did not need anyone to give us instructions, and we would certainly not step on bread when we saw it on the ground. Instead, we would kneel down to pick it up and place it somewhere out of the way. Moreover, we did not have anybody around to tell us to do so or we would be punished if we stepped on bread. Then I realized that once you set up a value you do not need to check on it any longer. For this reason, do not let your company's values remain written only on your website, but turn them into value, just like bread.

I have always thought big. I aimed to produce drugs and run my own pharmacy and I have achieved those goals. Now I am older than 80 and I believe that our new company will quickly reach its rightful place and become a global pharmaceutical manufacturer.

When you are told that you 'cannot', remember my words. Think big and dream. Keep in mind that nothing in the world can be easily achieved without trying. I would like to emphasize that nothing is unachievable when determination is coupled with diligence, and working with competent and honest people is of great importance in success.

Things used to go slower in the 20th century, but now it is the 21st century and things are very fast. Those who slow down are out. Do not let the things to slow down with institutionalized policies. Adapt to changing conditions and take action by making the right decisions instantly.

When solving a family problem, ask for the advice and opinions of your family. If it is a work-related problem, ask your colleagues. Remember that none of us is smarter than all of us.

Love the places in which you live, work and stay happy.”